Den specialdesignade Veramössan var för liten. Any takers?


Spreading the word…

Det verkar som att jag har skapat en ny forskningsgren inom arkeologi, att döma av ett mail jag just fått:

Dear Charlotta,

I was wondering if you would be interested in doing your fantastic Archaeology of Middle Earth talk again for the Archaeology Society? It would be Thursday the 22nd of October (or there abouts, depending on your availability of course!)

However, this year we would like to shake things up a bit. We would like to hold a Lord of the Rings themed event that would last for around 1.5 hours and would be open to the public. The plan is instead of you being the only speaker there would be a series of short talks around 10 minutes each. You, of course, would be the main speaker! If possible, we would like you to introduce the talks with a ~30 minute talk introducing the archaeology of Middle Earth. Then it would be followed by 5-6 talks by students (or lecturers if they want to join in) talking about specific themes within Middle Earthean Archaeology. For instance, I would quite like to speak about the effects of material culture on society (with Gollum being my case study). Other potential topics include settlement patterns within Hobbit society (the Shire and Brie), lake dwellings (Lake Town), conflict archaeology and landscape archaeology (using Isengard and the Ents).

Would you be happy to be a part of this? And how do you feel about this as an event? I understand if you are uncomfortable with this as you are the mastermind behind it all

All the best,


Smickrad är bara fornamnet. Och det finns värre saker att vara känd bland sina studenter för 🙂